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Artist Collaboration



Her signature is unmistakable, her style is playful, yet raw, imaginative and fond of wit. Almost ten years have passed since we already published a series of t-shirts with Monja. At that time with wonderful watercolor motifs such as masks, shields and traditional African huts, now she surprised us with a wonderful pattern of animals painted by watercolor.

Monja Gentschow, born and raised in Berlin, has been working as a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and artist since 2008. She is the creative label artist behind Berlin’s music label Keinemusik which shaped Berlin’s musical landscape from the margins in the last decade. She realized amazing projects for clients like Nike, MTV, Warner Music, Adidas and illustrates columns for one of the biggest weekly newspaper in Germany, DIE ZEIT.
Monja Gentschow
Painting & Illustration
Berlin, Germany