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We use ecological recycled PET fabric. All our materials are vegan, free of AZO dyes & heavy metals.


Alle Produkte entsprechen den internationalen Vorschriften für Handgepäck und können in die Kabine jeder Airline mitgenommen werden.


Unsere Produkte werden in Berlin gestaltet und stehen für Minimalismus, Innovation und Funktionalität.


Nature fabrics & recycled PET
The diverse use of unique fabrics have always been a major part of our DNA. We love to enter new territories using undiscovered nature fabrics in backpack production such as cork or paper. The fabric of the Paper Series is made from vegetable cultivated cellulose fibers and manufactured in Germany with a long tradition of 150 years. The washable paper feels like leather, is biodegradable, flexible, highly water-resistant and tearproof. For one of our best selling series, The Stealth series, we are using ecological recycled PET fabric, certificated by SCS Global service.

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Touching no toxic
We have eliminated toxins from our products and packaging.This includes environmental toxins (such as bleaches, pesticides and heavy metals); and other toxins (carcinogens used in poorly controlled leather dyeing or hard chrome plating processes), as well as allergens such as nickel. All the fabrics we use are tested and certificated by ‚FuJian HJ quality inspection technical service co., LTD‘

Dem Regen standhalten
Our products are strongly water-repellent and the materials are even waterproof. All fabrics are equipped with an laminated foil on the inside from on TPU, PU or PVC which makes the material impermeable up to a water pressure of 1.500 mm. However it is possible that by an extreme flow of water, moisture could get in through seams and zippers. Therefore we speak of “water-repellent” and not “waterproof”. We constantly try to improve these functions on our products. On many items we use water-repellant zippers. Our cotton canvas is equipped with an eco-friendly silicone impregnation (DWR) so that water does not penetrate into the fibers and just rolls off. Depending on the use this effect might weaken after some time.